UNIT project: Universe N-body simulations for the Investigation of Theoretical models from galaxy surveys, Chuang et al. 2018;  submitted to MNRAS, arXiv:1811.02111 (complimentary tests)




 A tomographic view across the  axis of the GADGET 001 UNITSIM pair simulations.

The slices corresponds to 500x500 Mpc in the X and Y direction, with a resolution of 1024x1024 pixels

The size of the movie is 3.2GB. (2048x1024 AVI format).

Click on the image to download







 A tomography with the combined slices of the two simulation pairs showing the effects of opposite phases in the initial conditions:Click on the image to download: 1.4 GB ( 1024x1024 AVI) 



Redshift evolution of a slice of 500x500 Mpc and 0.5 Mpc thickness  from the two simulations of the GADGET 001 pair.

Click on the image to download the movie (AVI format 2048x1024 resolution, 57 MB)

Redshift evolution of the combined slices  (AVI 1024x1024 resolution, 22 MB)